Monday, July 27, 2009

give a way

- is having a great toy giveaway sponsored by who carries everything from toys to bunk beds. Stop by before midnight (eastern time) on July 30, 2009. Winner will be announced on July 31, 2009.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whatcha doing?!.....

Hi everybody!! We have been very busy. I can't put pictures up yet but soon I hope.

I think we have done more in 4 weeks in Utah than 4 years in Arizona. Just this week alone we : 1 -went to a baseball game (Go Raptors!! yeah they didn't win) , 2 - watched Robert play church softball, 3 - Hiked to Waterfall Canyon (which I almost didn't survive!!), 4 - Went to a niece's birthday party, 5 - watched the fireworks for the 24th, 6 - went swimming with friends, 7 - went to the splash pad (really cool and fun for the kids), 8 - had a run-in with a friends dog, and I'm thinking I missed 2 days. Hmn...... I can't remember. I'm sure I took a picture then I'll remember. :) But we are enjoying Utah. (we visited lots of friends this week also. ) Oh plus I dried bananas for our hike. I feel all domesticated.. :)

Tomorrow I am going to start painting the kitchen. We took a break for a few weeks and now here I go. We couldn't decide on a color so I am just painting it white. Then it will be crisp and clean. We can accent it if we want to later.

This week is going to be just as hectic.

Monday - paint kitchen
Tuesday - Traylor has a play date with a friend
Wednesday - park city with Wendy
Thursday - LAGOON!! Traylor has been waiting for this.
Friday - fireworks, parade, etc....
Saturday - bounce back to Lagoon day with Robert
Sunday - Relax

Now if I could get some sleep tonight. Right after I put Roberts clothes for tomorrow in the dryer. :)

Night all. I need the rest.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm back!!!

We have internet!!! I will be posting lots of stuff soon. We are finally settled in Utah. We still have boxes to unpack but we can live with what's out right now. The whole upstairs except the hallway is done. There will be pictures. We are really enjoying being back in Utah and by Family. It makes it so much fun!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So Long Internet

So long bloggy friends. Internet is done as of when I get off the computer. I don't know when we are getting Internet in Utah. I'll have to go use my sisters computer I guess. How will I survive!!!

But anywho, We are mostly packed in the Uhaul. Little odds and ends now. We are not going to get our deposit because there is too much too do with not enough time. Oh well. I'll throw myself a pity party when in Utah.

Bye for now. See you in Utah. TaTa. Abiento. Chow


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

give away

Shelf Reliance is giving away a Harvest 72' shelf. So awesome. Check it out here. The winner will be picked on June 26th. Enter before then to win.

My whine session starts now.....

My feet hurt. I'm so not used to standing all day. I am so ready to be done packing. I think we have a few odds and ends to pack. Tomorrow we get the Uhaul and tomorrow night the Elders Quorum comes and helps us with the big, heavy stuff. Yeah!!! Thursday everything has to be clean and done in the carpeted rooms. We are getting them steam cleaned. And everything sprayed for bugs. I want that deposit. That means an extra week that I don't have to work!! But I did learn today that the people(my bil and sil) are cleaning my house in Utah. So not to much too worry about up there I hope. The people from the rental place come from to do the final inspection at 1:00 and then we are officially not Sierra Vistains any more. (I'm not sure how you would say that) vistaites.... oh well

I definitely need to post some pictures. I am long overdue but as of Thursday I won't have Internet until .......... I don't know. I know, cry with me. boo hoo

ta ta for now